24 September, NYC: The Clock is Ticking for Leonard Peltier

Saturday, 24 September
2:00 pm
Project Reach
39 Eldridge St, NYC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/328823927452715/

leonard-peltierLeonard Peltier’s actual birthday, Sept. 12, President Obama will be in office for only129 more days. We must work harder than ever for Leonard’s release.

Join us on the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 24. Fill out a postcard asking the President for clemency for Leonard. Enjoy some light refeshments. Get updates on Leonard and other political prisoners.

Among our speakers will be:
Pam Africa. Chair, International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal,
Peter Clark, Co-Director, International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

Among our performers will be:
The Coatlicue TheaterCompany
Harmonic Insurgence

Note: The Certain Days political prisoner calendar will be able to purchase. For more information: www.certaindays.org/

In the meantime, it’s never too late to
send Leonard a birthday card:
Leonard Peltier
USP Coleman 1
PO Box1033 Coleman, FL 33521