Halahleh to be released in mid-October; 44 administrative detention orders issued as hunger strikes continue

thaerAdditional negotiations between Palestinian lawyers and the Israeli prison administration will see long-term administrative detainee and former hunger striker Thaer Halahleh released in mid-October, reported Palestinian Prisoners’ Society lawyer Safiya Ahmed on Thursday, 29 September. Earlier in the day, it had been reported that a new three-month order was to be issued against Halahleh, which would be the final order. Ahmed affirmed that he will be released in mid-October after over two years imprisonment without charge or trial. Halahleh has spent nearly 12 years in Israeli prisons, with many years of that under administrative detention. During that time, he participated in several long-term hunger strikes.

44 Administrative detention orders were issued by Israeli occupation military orders on Wednesday, 28 September, 32 of them renewals of existing orders and 12 of them new orders. There are over 700 Palestinians held without charge or trial under administrative detention in Israeli jails; three Palestinians are currently on hunger strike against the policy, Anas Shadid, Ahmed Abu Farah and Omar al-Hih. Two more Palestinians, Jawad Jawarish and Maher Abyat, are on hunger strike against the arbitrary transfer of prisoners.

The Palestinians ordered to administrative detention are:

Mohab Musa Junaidi, 4 months, Al-Khalil
Hussein Saleh Abu Akar, 6 months, Bethlehem
Mohammed Issa Mansour, 4 months, Jerusalem
Aladdine Thabet Abu Amsha, Nablus, 4 months
Mahmoud Mabrouk Jarrar, Jenin, 4 months – new
Mahmoud Ayoub Sader, al-Khalil, 6 months
Hassan Ali Rubayah, Jenin, 6 months
Riadh Mohammed Hroub, al-Khalil 4 months
Yousef Ayed al-Faqih, al-Khalil, 6 months
Izzedine Mohammed Qazi, Ramallah, 3 months
Faisal Mahmoud Khalifa, Tulkarem, 4 months
Riad al-Numourah, al-Khalil, 6 months
Yasser Othman Abu Arram, al-Khalil, 4 months
Alaa Ahmad Hmeidan, Nablus, 4 months
Hafez Mohammed Al-Fasfous, al-Khalil, 4 months
Shadi Mohammed Abu Akar, Bethlehem, 6 months – new
Bilal Salim Salhab, al-Khalil, 4 months
Jamal Jamil Barhoum, Tulkarem, 4 months
Ahmad Mustafa Zaid, el-Bireh, 6 months – new
Mohammed Abdelfattah Hazin, al-Khalil, 4 months – new
Oraib Khader Shuibat, Jerusalem, 4 months – new
Omar Al-Hih, al-Khalil, 6 months – new
Mohammed Yousef Abu Ameria, Bethlehem, 6 months – new
Sufian Ibrahim Abu Zahra, al-Khalil, 3 months – new
Mohammed Ibrahim Misk, al-Khalil, 3 months
Mahmoud Saud Karajah, Bethlehem, 4 months – new
Tamer Raja Rajabi, al-Khalil, 4 months
Mohammed Rami Zreik, Nablus, 3 months – new
Hamza Hammad, Ramallah, 3 months
Amjad Abdel-Razeq Rajabi, al-Khalil, 3 months – new
Ahmed Abdullah Sirriya, Jenin, 4 months
Akram Al-Fassisi, al-Khalil, 6 months – new
Rezeq Abdullah Al-Rajoub, al-Khalil, 2 months
Tamer Khalil Halabi, Ramallah, 6 months
Abdullah Yassin Assaf, Jerusalem, 4 months – new
Zuhair Ali Hmeidan, Jerusalem, 4 months
Mahmoun Ahmed Hour, al-Khalil, 3 months
Musab Mohammed Asfour, al-Khalil, 4 months
Jawad Musa Shalaldeh, al-Khalil, 6 months – new
Tariq Sheikh Fadl, Jerusalem, 4 months
Ashraf Musa Mashni, al-Khalil, 4 months
Ali Talib Hroub, al-Khalil, 6 months
Ahed Adnan Asfour, Nablus, 4 months
Ahmed Mohammed Tabah, al-Khalil, 3 months