31 administrative detention orders issued against Palestinians, including PLC member and former PA detainee

admin-detentionIsraeli occupation authorities issued 31 administrative detention orders, reported Palestinian lawyer Mahmoud Halabi on Sunday, 9 October. Ten of the orders were against newly-arrested Palestinians, while 21 renewed the ongoing imprisonment without charge or trial of Palestinian prisoners.

There are over 700 Palestinians held without charge or trial on the basis of so-called “secret evidence” under Israeli administrative detention. Orders are issued for periods of one to six months, and are indefinitely renewable.

Among those ordered to imprisonment without trial was Palestinian Legislative Council member Mohammed Jamal Natsheh, who was ordered to six months in prison. Natsheh, an elected PLC member of the Hamas-aligned Change and Reform bloc has been repeatedly arrested and imprisoned, spending nearly 20 years in prison. Natsheh’s recent arrests have all been under administrative detention orders, repeatedly renewed.

Also among those ordered to administrative detention was Mohammed Harb of Jenin, ordered to six months imprisonment. Harb was arrested by Israeli occupation forces after six months’ imprisonment by the Palestinian Authority, alongside five other Palestinian youths. While their case was initially trumpeted by PA officials as a triumph of “security coordination,” they were imprisoned for months with no charges against them and finally released after a growing Palestinian and international outcry denouncing PA security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

The full list of Palestinians ordered to arbitrary imprisonment is below. Those which are new orders are marked as such.

1. Said Mustafa Daoud, Jerusalem, 4 months
2. Mohammed Ahmed Atwa, Ramallah, 4 months
3. Maher Ali al-Qadi, Ramallah, 4 months
4. Rafiq Amer Mahariq, al-Khalil, 2 months
5. Tariq Hassan Kawani, Nablus, 6 months
6. Mahdi Mahmoud Shuraitah, Ramallah, 6 months
7. Mohammed Hesham Shuraitah, Ramallah, 6 months
8. Raghab Mohammed Suwaitah, al-Khalil, 2 months
9. Ammar Mustafa Abu Aker, Bethlehem, 4 months, new
10. Muath Abdeljaber Abu Tarboush, Bethlehem, 4 months, new
11. Mohammed Khalil Dura, al-Khalil, 6 months, new
12. Ahmed Muayan Subeh, Jenin, 6 months
13. Baraa Ismail Shahameh, Jerusalem, 3 months
14. Amed Ayoub Zamari, Qalqilya, 6 months
15. Yazid Hosni Erqawi, Jenin, 3 months
16. Mahmoud Abdel-Afu al-Amleh, Ramallah, 6 months
17. Mohammed Said Sweitat, Jenin, 6 months
18. Islam Ziad Zahdah, al-Khalil, 4 months, new
19. Hashem Mohammed Hmeidan, Jerusalem, 3 months
20. Mohammed Abdullah Harb, Jenin, 6 months, new
21. Imad Abdel-Rahman Zaben, Jenin, 3 months
22. Fadi Ahmed Zayat, Jerusalem, 3 months
23. Amer Nizar Khawaja, Ramallah, 6 months, new
24. Ismail Yousef Tamadheh, al-Khalil, 3 months
25. Mustafa Ismail Safi, al-Khalil, 6 months
26. Mahmoud Mohammed al-Khaddour, al-Khalil, 3 months, new
27. Musa Mohammed Abed Rabbo, Bethlehem, 3 months, new
28. Shadi Mohammed Shehadeh, Bethlehem, 4 months, new
29. Mohammed Jamal Natsheh, al-Khalil, 6 months, new
30. Mohammed Kayed Imam, al-Khalil, 5 months
31. Issa Taleb al-Suneideh, al-Khalil, 6 months