Muhannad al-Halabi’s mother arrested by Israeli occupation forces, detained for “Facebook incitement”


UPDATE: Suheir al-Halabi was released on the evening of 14 October.

Israeli occupation forces seized Suheir al-Halabi, the mother of Muhannad al-Halabi, shot dead last year by Israeli occupation forces, on Thursday, 13 October, accusing her of incitement for posting on Facebook. She was detained one day after she had been summoned to interrogation with Israeli intelligence.

Al-Halabi, 42, is one of hundreds of Palestinians who have been detained, interrogated and imprisoned by the Israeli occupation for posting on social media, including astrophysics professor Imad Barghouthi and poet Dareen Tatour, who marked 1 year of persecution for posting her poetry on YouTube and Facebook on 11 October.

Her son, Muhannad, 19 and a law student at Al-Quds University, participated in a Palestinian armed resistance action against Israeli occupation in October 2015 and was shot dead by Israeli police. Muhannad’s action is widely seen by Palestinians as sparking the popular uprising, often referred to as the “Jerusalem Intifada.”

The Halabis’ home was demolished by Israeli occupation forces in January 2016, in an act of illegal collective punishment against the entire family.

Israeli occupation courts also extended the detention of Ghadeer Jamjoum, 35, captured by occupation forces earlier in the week during their invasion of al-Ram town, and Iman Abu Sbeih, 17, the daughter of Misbah Abu Sbeih, shot by Israeli forces after an operation on Sunday, 9 October; Abu Sbeih is accused of incitement for her positive comments about her father in a television interview.

There are over 60 Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons, including 13 girls under the age of 18. The longest-held woman prisoner is Lena Jarbouni, imprisoned since 2001 and the elected representative of the Palestinian women in HaSharon prison.