17 November, Paris: “Des Hommes entre le murs” Book on the experience of Palestinian prisoners

Thursday, 17 November
7:00 pm
Libraries Resistances
4 Villa Compoint (Angle du 40 rue Guy Moguet)
75017 Paris
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Organized by CAPJPO-EuroPalestine

bookOn Thursday, 17 November, Assia Zaino will pesent her new investigative book just published by Agone editions. The book contains testimonies and analysis of the organizing of Palestinian prisoners, their conditions of detention and their demands inside Israeli jails from 1970 to today.

For years, the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh north of Ramallah has struggled against the occupation of their lands by the nearby Israeli settlement, confronting a policy of mass arrests, not to mention the wounded and dead fallen during their demonstrations.

For months, Assia Zaino shared the life and struggle of the villagers, demonstrating weekly with them, suffering through night raids. Former prisoners and the families of prisoners discussed their experiences with imprisonment. Their stories differ in some way: imprisoned before or after the Oslo accords, from Fateh or Hamas, arrested as children, teens or adults, facing lengthy sentences or shorter detention periods. Amid desert prisons with five toilets and two showers for 700 people, the solidarity and fraternity among the prisoners is impressive.