29 November, Philadelphia: Speaking Truth to Power: Exposing the System

Tuesday, 29 November
5:00 pm
Room 200B
Temple University Student Center
Philadelphia, PA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1133758546679877/
temple-exposingMumia Abu-Jamal, an activist, journalist, radio broadcaster, and native of North Philadelphia, started his radio career in Temple University’s Annenberg Hall. Throughout his life, he has used his various platforms to expose capitalism’s exploitation and genocide of people in the United States and the third world. He became known as the “Voice of the Voiceless”, because he spoke against all injustices. In an effort to silence Mumia’s coverage of the PPD’s multiple assaults and murder of members of the MOVE family, the government framed Mumia in the killing of PPD officer, Daniel Faulkner. To this day, the government still makes attempts to end Mumia’s life by refusing to give him treatment for his diabetes and hepatitis C.

Since 1967, Israel has incarcerated over 600,000 Palestinians including Rasmea Odeh, member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Thousands of Palestinians have been incarcerated and tortured by the Israeli government. Many are activists who fight for the freedom of their people living under Israeli occupation. To this day, the occupation of Palestine has is as brutal and cruel as it ever was.

We must fight for the people who are out here fighting for us, irregardless of them being behind prison walls.

In this event, we will be discussing incarceration as a tool of social control and the connections between Black and Palestinian struggle and how they are significant to the liberation for all of humanity. After our teach-in, we will talk about the actions we need to take to get Mumia back into Temple University.


Temple University, in the Student Center building.