43 administrative detention orders issued the last week of October

admindetThe Israeli military occupation issued 43 administrative detention orders between 23 and 31 October. Among these orders were several renewals issued the morning the detainees were expected to leave and after they had made arrangements to do so, including the renewed detention of Shaher al-Rai and Sabah Faraoun.

Administrative detention is imprisonment without charge or trial, on the basis of an order issued by the military commander or the Minister of Defense, based on secret evidence. These orders are approved and essentially “rubber-stamped” by a judge. There are currently over 700 Palestinians held without charge or trial under administrative detention and over 7,000 total Palestinian political prisoners.

Of these orders, 11 were newly issued while 32 were renewals of already-imprisoned detainees’ orders. While administrative detention orders are issued for one to six months at a time, they are indefinitely renewable and Palestinians can remain in administrative detention for years.

The administrative orders were issued against the following:

1. Muatassim Mohammed Abeido, al-Khalil, 4 months
2. Shaher Ali Al-Rai, Qalqilya, 4 months
3. Obeida Adnan al-Barghouthi, Ramallah, 6 months, new order
4. Ahmed Abdel-Fatteh Shteiwi, Jerusalem, 3 months
5. Maher Nizar Suwayta, al-Khalil, 4 months, new order
6. Mohammed Ahmed Abu Fannouneh, al-Khalil, 3 months
7. Mohammed Yassin Shalaldeh, al-Khalil, 6 months, new order
8. Ali Ishaq Jammal, al-Khalil, two months
9. Ahmad Jamal Heraimi, Bethlehem, 6 months
10. Sharif Taher Tahayna, Jenin, 6 months
11. Mohammed Abdel-Rahman Mohammed, Salfit, 6 months, new order
12. Ahmed Yousef Awad, al-Khalil, 6 months
13. Bilal Hasan Mansour, Ramallah, 6 months, new
14. Thamer Abdul-Ghani Saba’aneh, Jenin, 3 months, new
15. Munir Yousef Kaddour, al-Khalil, 4 months, new order
16. Abdel-Salam Jamal Abu al-Hija, Jenin, 3 months, new order
17. Ahmed Salim Salatna, Jenin, 4 months, new order
18. Maher Jaradat, al-Khalil, 6 months
19. Abed Jarrar, Jenin, 6 months
20. Abbas Fatayer, Nablus, 4 months
21. Sami Abu Deit, Bethlehem, 6 months
22. Fadi Srour, al-Khalil, 6 months
23. Mohammed Janajreh, Tubas, 4 months
24. Ayed Heraimi, Bethlehem, 4 months
25. Tariq Heraimi, Bethlehem, 4 months
26. Diaa Abu Daoud, al-Khalil, 6 months
27. Fayez Rajabi, al-Khalil, 6 months
28. Fadi Alayan, Ramallah, 4 months
29. Sami Abu Baker, Nablus, 4 months
30. Alayan Mouqada, Qalqilya, 4 months
31. Mohammed Assaf, Bethlehem, 4 months
32. Haithem Ajaj, Ramallah, 4 months
33. Sabah Faraoun, Jerusalem, 4 months
34. Mohammed Hussein Elsalameen, al-Khalil, 6 months, new
35. Bilal Mohammed Abdelaziz, al-Khalil, 6 months
36. Samara Sami Hajir, Ramallah, 4 months
37. Ahmed Nazmi Maqar, Bethlehem, 4 months
38. Sa’ed Mohammed Abu Al-Baha’a, Ramallah, 6 months
39. Fadi Musa Ghneimat, al-Khalil, 4 months
40. Adnan Yasin Hamarsheh, Jenin, 4 months
41. Ali Mohammed Rashaida, Bethlehem, 6 months
42. Fayez Mohammed Atta, Ramallah, 6 months, new order
43. Kamil Mazen Boustah, Jenin, 4 months