Daoud Ghoul released, ordered to 10 days home imprisonment because his release from prison was celebrated

daoudghoulPalestinian youth activist Daoud Ghoul was released again from Israeli occupation custody on Sunday, 11 December, but ordered to 10 days house imprisonment in his home in Silwan, Jerusalem, because he was received by a celebration held for him by the people of his town when he was released from Israeli prison after 18 months on 27 November. Ghoul, the director of youth programs for the Health Work Committees in Jerusalem, had been seized once more by Israeli forces one week after his release, on Monday, 5 December.

Ghoul has been subject to a series of escalating repressive Israeli attacks since he returned to Palestine from Brussels, Belgium in November 2014 after speaking before the European Parliament about Israeli attacks on Palestinian life in Jerusalem.

He was first ordered exiled from his home city of Jerusalem, then barred from the West Bank and international travel. The HWC office in Jerusalem was shut down by military order, and Ghoul was arrested, accused of affiliation with a banned political party, the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and sentenced to 18 months in Israeli prison.

Also today, former prisoner and hunger striker Munir Abu Sharar, released from administrative detention in April of this year and married just one week ago, was arrested in a night raid by Israeli occupation forces. However, Abu Sharar was released this afternoon after several hours’ detention and has returned to his home and family.