Agreement reached to end isolation of Jaradat, four more prisoners in February

Palestinian prisoner Anas Jaradat will be released from isolation to the general prison population by mid-February along with four other isolated Palestinians, reported Muhja al-Quds Foundation. The agreement was reached on Wednesday, 18 January to resolve Jaradat’s hunger strike and the announced steps of protest by Islamic Jihad prisoners.

Jaradat, held in isolation in Ashkelon prison, will be returned to the general prison population in Ramon prison in February 2017. He had earlier highlighted aggressive and threatening statements by prison officials in Ashkelon, and has been denied appropriate medical treatment for liver disease. He was not informed that he has liver disease or provided with treatment until 2016 despite tests in 2009 detecting it.

Said Saleh, Hosni Issa, Munir Abu Rabie and Abdullah Abu Daher, all held in Eshel prison, will also be returned to general population in Hadarim prison under this agreement.