21 February, NYC: Solidarity Rally for Student Freedom of Speech

Tuesday, 21 February
5:00 pm
Fordham University Lincoln Center
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1503514766355829/

Fordham University has issued a disciplinary charge against an SJP member for violating the school’s “Demonstration Policy” by organizing a January 23rd rally protesting Fordham’s decision to ban SJP from the school.

Dean Keith Eldredge, who denied the SJP club status in December and filed the complaint about the protest against his decision, will be allowed to conduct the closed-door hearing on February 22nd despite the obvious conflict of interest. He will alone determine the student’s guilt and punishment. Eldredge has denied the student any representation or a witness during this hearing.

This is only one instance of Fordham’s suppression of student free speech, student organizing and activism. The university routinely shuts down conversations with student activists, provides roadblocks for students to create meaningful changes, and uses scare tactics such as targeting individual students for speaking against policies that do not accord with the wants and needs of its student body.

Come out to the Outdoor Plaza on Tuesday 2/21 at 5pm to support not only this individual student, but freedom of speech, student power and our right to organize. We demand that Fordham University drop charges against the student in question, instate Fordham SJP as an official student organization (as approved by the USG in December 2016) and commit to free speech protection.

Sponsored by Fordham Law Coalition of Concerned Students & Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine