25 February, Milan: Implementation of the Zionist Model of Repression in the Italian State

Saturday, 25 February
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Villa Pallavicini, via Meucci 3
Milano, Italy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/292600627824101/
Organized by Fronte Palestina – www.frontepalestina.it

In a short time, the Senate will begin considering some proposed legislation, such as DDL 2043, with the aim of criminalizing and intimidating activists who support the campaign for the boycott of apartheid and Israeli colonization in Palestine, and DDL 2186, which implements bilateral agreements between Italy and Israel in matters of “public security and defense.”

Both represent an essential step in launching a Zionist model in legislation and repressive/military policies of the ITalian State….Deepening the analysis of this phenomenon, however, we see that this “Zionization” of the state apparatus and its policies is not only a response to a Zionist lobby, but is in fact a representation of a political and cultural model for the practical military and repressive management of the capitalist crisis.

Speakers include:
Charlotte Kates of Samidoun
Ugo Giannangeli
Enrico Bartolomei
Diana Carminati
Silvano Falessi
Fronte Palestina Padova
Students from Torino