18 March, Berlin: Freedom for all Political Prisoners

Saturday, 18 March
12:00 pm
10967 Berlin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/389878974730824/

Organized by Jugendwiderstand

Join us to demonstrate against class oppression and imperialist oppression. Freedom for all political prisoners!

This protest is organized to defend political prisoners around the world and confront capitalism and exploitation. The demonstration will address repression in Germany, including against the ATIK association, of which 10 members have been detained since 2015, as well as the trial of Musa Asoglu and Kurdish prisoners in German jails. Activists in Berlin, Magdeburg and Stuttgart are also facing political charges in Germany.

The proest will also support Turkish and Kurdish political prisoners in Turkish jails, revolutionary activists and imprisoned wokers in India, and prisoners in the Philippines and Peru. The protest will also highlight thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, including PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat. Protesters will also demand freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, held for 32 years in French prisons, as well as Basque and Irish prisoners and imprisoned Greek activists. The protest will also rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier and other political prisoners in US jails.

This protest is organized in support of revolutionary prisoners and for anti-imperialist and revolutionary struggle, in solidarity with the international resistance movement and international working class.