30 May, Granada: Solidarity Action – We Die in Israeli Apartheid Prison

Tuesday 30 May
11 am to 3 pm
6 pm to 9 pm
Plaza del Carmen
Granada, Spanish state
More info: https://twitter.com/BDSGranada/status/868781815624077313

In response to the request for international support launched by the Palestinian prisoners, who carried out a heroic hunger strike for 41 days against their atrocious conditions of confinement in Israeli prisons, BDS Granada is organizing this public action for 30 May.

We propose an action-performance that can be done by a single person holding a sign with two black sticks that convey the image of bars. The idea is that any person who supports the action can hold the sign and be photographed with it in order to disseminate each image for social networks and multiply the impact of the event. This way we intend to break the media blackout on the desperate situation of all imprisoned people, not only in the Israeli prisons, and also in the de facto prison in which all Palestinians are held under the apartheid practices of Zionism, under the umbrella of the international impunity of the state of Israel. We will not be silent!

Organized by BDS Granada