9 May, Coventry: Support Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike

Tuesday, 9 May
3:00 pm
The Piazza
Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/648053568728712/

Approximately 1500 Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons started an open hunger strike 13 days ago. Collective hunger strikes are dangerous, so in the days to follow we may have martyrs because this is not like an individual hunger strike. There are no additives, milk or glucose; only water and salt to prevent the intestines from rotting, and the prison administration has taken away the salt from the prisoners.

The open hunger strike is one of the only forms of passive resistance and peaceful protest available to Palestinian prisoners.
They are calling for an end to: arbitrary administrative detention, torture, unfair trials, the arrest and detention of children, medical negligence, solitary con nement, degrading treatment and the denial of other human rights, such as visitation rights and the right to education.

Palestinians across the world are posting videos of themselves on social media doing the #SaltWaterChallenge as part of a new online challenge intended to draw attention to Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli prisons, and we plan to do this too.

We will stand in The Piazza in support of all the hunger strikers.
Come join us and start showing support by sharing this event to all of your friends.