23 June, New York City; International Day of al-Quds

Friday, 23 June
4:30 pm
42nd St and 7th ave, Times Square
New York City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1850932601791010/


On International Day of Quds, people of conscience gather to express solidarity with all the oppressed human beings of the world and particularly the innocent civilians of Palestine who are victimized by the oppressive and racist Zionist regime.

We invite all peace loving people to voice their opposition to the unjust and illegal occupation of the great Al-Aqsa Mosque and the usurpation of the Holy Land by the Zionist regime. In addition, we will also protest the current Saudi aggression in Yemen.

We, the citizens of the United States and in particular residents of New York, reserve the right to boycott any and all parties involved in practicing racist, discriminatory, and oppressive policies.

Stand with us! Stand for your rights!

We will rally at Times Square at 4:30 where our speakers will shed lights on the atrocities being committed by the Zionist state on the oppressed people of Palestine.


1) Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
2) Jafaria Association Of North America
3) Neturei Karta
4) International Action Center
5) Al Awda NY
6) Palestine Right to Return Coalition
7) New York Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)
8) BDS App
9) Students & Youth for a New America
10) New York for Palestine
11) Samidoun
NOTE: “Muslim Congress and its AlQuds subcommittees in respective cities have no affiliation with any foreign entity.
Funds for Al-Quds events are generated by local community organizers who strongly believe in exercising their legal right to protest against oppression.”