21 July, NYC: The Struggle of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon with Jana Nakhal

Friday, 21 July
5:30 pm
147 W. 24th Street, 2nd Floor
New York City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/663054143885579/

Join NYCSJP for a presentation on the current situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon with Jana Nakhal. Together we will explore the economic and social conditions that Palestinians in the diaspora are faced with as well as the movements and political formations that have formed in Lebanon to combat Zionism and oppression.

A feminist communist researcher and organizer from Beirut and Sour, Jana is an urban planner and designer who specializes in slums and refugee camps and with different marginalized communities. For four years, she lived and conducted anthropological research in villages and Palestinian camps in the south of Lebanon. Her writings in the local newspapers and magazines are one way of producing a body of work which can be accessed by the communities she works with. Jana writes in Al-Akhbar newspaper and Al-Adab magazine, on art, politics, women, refugee camps and the city.

Solidarity Center
147 W 24th Street, 2nd Floor
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