Injured Palestinian child prisoner released after two months in prison

Injured Palestinian child prisoner Haitham Jaradat, 14, was released by Israeli occupation forces after 58 days in detention, following a ruling by the Ofer military court on Thursday, 26 October, which also imposed a 2,000 NIS ($564 USD) fine. He has been detained since he was shot in the back by Israeli occupation soldiers in Share Tzedek hospital and then the Ramle prison clinic.

He was handcuffed to his bed while held in the hospital and was repeatedly denied family and legal visits during that time; he underwent surgery and lost a portion of his intestines. He was shot by occupation forces outside the illegal settlement of Kiryat Arba east of al-Khalil and accused of attempting to stab Israeli occupation forces. After Haitham was shot, a video was released in which an Israeli occupation soldier questioned the boy about why he was there, with him saying that he came to commit suicide, before asking for water.

Meanwhile, consideration of the case of ill child prisoner Anas Adnan Hamarsheh, 17, from Yabad near Jenin, was continued until 29 October 2017. Anas, who suffers from a rare condition that causes erosion of his bones, was seized by occupation forces on 8 October 2017 and accused of participating in stone-throwing.