Italian protest urges cancellation of Giro d’Italia race to end support of apartheid and colonization

Samidoun is republishing the following event report from Fronte Palestina Milan:

On Saturday 14th Oct 2017, Fronte Palestina Milan and BDS organized a protest outside the Museo del Ciclismo del Ghisallo (Ghisallo Cycling Museum closed to Como Lake) in occasion of the unveiling of the busts dedicated to the renowned italian cyclists Gino Bartali and Fiorenzo Magni.

The organizers of the Giro d’Italia have decided to hold the first three stages of the 2018 race in Jerusalem. This will be the first time that this event will take place outside Europe.

This is a clear project to exploit this sports event to legitimize the Zionist entity’s illegal occupation of East Jerusalem despite the UN 181 Resolution and subsequent international law and UN resolutions which show that all actions undertaken by the occupier in Jerusalem are illegal.

It was for this reason that we, Fronte Palestina Milan in collaboration with Coordinamento Lombardo di Solidarietà per la Palestina, held a demonstration in Ghisallo (Como Lake) where we raised the Palestinian Flag, erected posters and distributed leaflets asking people to boycott this sports event and the Zionist regime in Palestine, if the decision to held these three stages in Jerusalem is not cancelled.