October 2017 report on repression in occupied Palestine ’48

Mada al-Carmel, the Arab Center for Applied Social Studies, and the Institute for Palestine studies issued a monitoring report on the situation of Palestinians in 1948 occupied Palestine. They noted that there were seven cases of home demolitions and five cases of political detention and imprisonment against Palestinian citizens of Israel in October 2017.

The report noted that these home demolitions and political imprisonments reflect the fundamental racism of the state toward Palestinians, including the use of racist laws, policies and discourse of decision-making politicians. “Each month, we see ongoing racist policies against the Palestinian people,” said Khaled Anabtawi of Mada el-Carmel. “There is a clear Israeli strategy in recent years that seeks to ‘resolve’ the issue of Palestinians of the inside through focusing the Zionist nature of the state and imposing this as a practice on the ground.”

Anabtawi noted the repression of the Islamic Movement by the Israeli state, including the harassment of Sheikh Raed Salah, as an ongoing and persistent violation of Palestinian human rights, as well as the latest case of Dr. Suleiman Eghbariyeh, who was refused release by an Israeli court and turned to house arrest, denied contact with anyone except immediate family.