6 January, Dallas: Vigil to #FreeAhedTamimi and all Palestinian political prisoners

Saturday, 6 January
6:30 pm
Sen. Ted Cruz Office
3626 N. Hall St, Dallas
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/140615669907901/

On December 6th Donald Trump announced his reckless decision to declare Jerusalem, a city with great significance to Muslims, Christians and Jews, as the capital of the occupying power, the state of Israel. Since then fourteen Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli military, thousands have been injured and detained, including hundreds of children, for protesting.

One of these children is a sixteen year old girl named Ahed Tamimi. Ahed was filmed slapping an Israeli soldier after they had invaded her home and shot her fifteen year old cousin, Mohammad Tamimi, in the face. Ahed, her mother and another cousin have been detained without any charges.

The Dallas Palestine Coalition invites you to join us for a vigil in front of Ted Cruz’s office as we denounce him and Donald Trump as a threat to peace in the Middles East.