Fundraiser: Support Al-Awda Dabkeh in Berlin

Al-Awda Palestinian Folkloric Dabkeh Troupe is a youth dance and music troupe based in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is one of the world’s capitals of Palestinian diaspora life and is home to tens of thousands of Palestinians, mostly refugees from Lebanon and Syria.

The Palestinian and Arab population in Berlin has continued to grow as more Palestinians have continued to be displaced in recent years from Syria and Lebanon. Al-Awda Dabkeh Troupe was created by young Palestinians in Berlin as a means of preserving cultural heritage and identity and expressing their commitment not only to the culture and music of Palestine but to their fundamental right to return to their homeland.

The group consists of 25 members and includes young men and women, who perform traditional and modern Palestinian folkloric dance (dabkeh). It also includes a musical performance group that specializes in a range of Palestinian national and cultural music.

This group was founded largely by Palestinian refugee youth seeking to express their culture and affirm their right to return home to Palestine, without institutional support, funding or backing. These talented youth have already performed at dozens of Palestinian community events, cultural festivals and progressive multinational activities in Berlin and throughout Germany.

They need support in order to grow their troupe and truly show off their talent – and to be able to perform across Germany and internationally.

This fundraiser will go to provide BOOTS AND COSTUMES for Al-Awda Dabkeh to highlight their Palestinian folkloric dance and style. In addition, the band needs new or repaired MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS for their musical performances. The troupe also needs PROPS and an improved SOUND SYSTEM for their public performances.

Donate online:

Your support will help these talented, inspirational Palestinian refugee youth in Berlin continue to dance and sing toward return and liberation.

قوم رؤية فرقة العودة على اساس ان الفن الشعبي الفلسطيني هو مكون أصيل اساسي من الهوية الوطنية الفلسطينية ، فالتراث الشعبي الفلسطيني وكان وسيظل أداة هامة لا غنى عنها في التعريف بتاريخ وهوية وحضارة الفلسطينيين ويؤكد على عشق الشعب الفلسطيني للحياة والطبيعية والارض والقيم الانسانية ، وفي الوقت ذاته ، يُظهر الجوهر الانساني التقدمي لشعبنا وتمسكه بأرضه وحقوقه الوطنية واستعداده للتضحية والفداء من اجل تحرير وطنه وانتزاع حريته من المحتلين الصهاينة.

لقد اختارت الفرقة اسم ” العودة ” لكي تؤكد على تمسك شعبنا بحقه في العودة الى دياره وقراه ومدنه التي شرد منها قسرا والى سعيه الدائم من اجل استرداد وطنه واملاكه السليبة. كما تقوم الفرقة من خلال عروضها على شرح اهمية ومركزية حق العودة في النضال الفلسطيني باعتباره جوهر القضية الوطنية الفلسطينية والتعريف يمعاناة اللاجئين الفلسطينيين والعرب للراي العام الالماني والاوروبي.