30 March, New York City: Emergency rally: solidarity with Gaza #GreatMarchofReturn

Friday, 30 March
5:00 pm
Washington Square Park, NYC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/431399140646232/

Join us today in Washington square park at 5 pm in solidarity with Gaza and the 12 that were martyred today as part of the Great March of return, a 45 day protest demanding the right of return as well as better conditions in the Gaza Strip. This was planned to coincide with land day (today) up until Nakba day (May 15th) which marks the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people that we know is ongoing. What is happening right now in Gaza is nothing short of a massacre and we must demand an end to Zionist violence and uplift the efforts of the Palestinian people struggling for human right and dignity! Bring flags signs and whatever you can to make sure everyone knows NYC stands with Gaza!