31 March, Paris: Salute to Ahed Tamimi

Saturday, 31 March
3:00 pm
Fontaine des Innocents
Paris, France
Metro: RER Chatelet-Les Halles
Web: http://europalestine.com/spip.php?article14067

At the end of the “trial”, when the guards took her away, she shouted: “there is no justice under occupation!”

The resistance, but also the sense of humor and grace of Ahed Tamimi, including in detention, infuriates the Israeli occupier,

So much so that we have heard everything in recent months in the commentaries of the colonial state, including the fact that the Tamimi family was not a real family but a “montage” to destabilize Israel!

In truth, Ahed has made the world aware of the reality of the Israeli occupation and the way it treatsthe Palestinian children that it kidnaps, tortures, jails, when it does not kill them or disable them for life.

Similarly, her closed-door trial before military judges, with a 99.74% conviction rate for Palestinians, and who are the same soldiers who arrest and brutalize children, revealed the reality of Israeli “democracy” to the world.

Months in detention, with endless interrogations without the presence of a parent, a lawyer or the slightest protection, when she is a minor.

Thank you Ahed! Thank you Tamimi family! Thank you all the village of Nabi Salah! Thank you to all the Palestinian resistance fighters, you who refuse to leave Palestine, despite all that the occupier is doing to you!