Occupation forces seize 23 Palestinians and shoot Abdullah Nayef of Dheisheh camp

Abdullah Nayef, Photo: Dheisheh Event, Facebook

Forty-three Palestinians were seized by occupation forces throughout the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem in overnight raids by Israeli occupation forces on Monday, 26 March. Those seized by occupation forces include Abdullah al-Nayef of Dheisheh camp, who was shot in the leg by occupation forces and is currently hospitalized. Nayef is a former Palestinian prisoner and youth activist.

Dheisheh camp is where the infamous Israeli so-called “Captain Nidal” has repeatedly threatened youth of the refugee camp through text messages and phone calls, sending threats of injury or even death to young people and their families. A policy of shooting young Palestinians in the legs in Dheisheh has led to widespread injuries and disabilities. This policy was also seen in the killing of Palestinian youth activist Raed al-Salhi by occupation forces who shot him down at the same time that they shot fellow Palestinian prisoner Abdel-Aziz Arafa in the leg.

The violent attack and arrest was reportedly carried out by “mustaribeen,” the infamous Israeli forces who disguise themselves as Palestinians and who have conducted several recent attacks on prominent local Palestinians in Dheisheh and throughout the Bethlehem area.

Meanwhile, in the town of Issawiya, north of Jerusalem, occupation forces seized nine people, including a couple, Amna and Bassel Mahmoud. Also seized by occupation forces were Mu’min Mahmoud, Mamoun Mahmoud, Haitham Obaid, Hussein Obed, Mohammed Ahmed Attiya and Daoud Yousef Attiya. In Anata village, they seized Uday Raed al-Jamzawi, Walid Wajih al-Jamzawi and Ahmed Akram al-Yassini, while in Jenin they arrested Uday Bajawi and Mahdi Abu Hassan, a former prisoner. In al-Khalil, occupation forces arrested Ehab al-Rajabi, and they also seized Hamada Amin Shaath, Mohamed Nael Salama and Mahmoud Qatawi from Kfar Saba in Qalqilya.