12 May, Toronto: Rally for Gaza and Commemoration of 70 Years of Nakba

Saturday, 12 May
1:30 pm
180 Bloor St W
Toronto, Canada
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/833352156872943/

Join us as we commemorate 70 years of NAKBA, and as we stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza who are marching for their right of return!

In 1948, Zionist forces expelled 750,000 Palestinians from their homes to create the state of Israel. Palestinians commemorate this tragedy as the Nakba – the Palestinian Catastrophe.

The ethnic cleansing campaign left hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages destroyed in its wake, and turned two-thirds of the Palestinian people into refugees still struggling for their inalienable right to return—a right enshrined in international law and stipulated in UN General Assembly resolution 194.

On March 30, 2018, on the annual Palestinian Land Day, thousands of Palestinians in Gaza marched to the militarized boundary fence to demand their right to return and an end to Israel’s illegal blockade. They were met with violence as Israeli snipers took position behind the fence and above the hills to shoot at the protesters. So far, at least 30 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured.

Palestinian civil society has reiterated its call for a global arms embargo on Israel. It’s time for Canada to comply.

This demonstration is proudly organized as the launching event of the Association of Progressive Palestinian Canadians.