14 April, Lyon: Solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza

Saturday, 14 April
3:00 pm
Place de la Republique
Lyon, France
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/237971803440774/

In response to Israel’s latest massacre in Gaza: Demand concrete sanctions from the government.

Neither the wave of emotion expressed after the 30 March slaughter in Gaza, nor the condemnation of these crimes had the slightest effect on the behavior of the Israeli occupation army.

It once again committed these crimes Friday, April 6, killing 10, including Yaser Murtaja, a prominently identified journalist, and wounding 1400, more than half by live ammunition.

The international community is gesturing and its requests for independent inquiry are facing the categorical refusal of Israel and the United States. Is it necessary to investigate the crimes that are taking place before our eyes? Two million Palestinians living in a ghetto threaten the security of one of the strongest armies in the world?

We demand from France and Europe that they stop these pointless verbal condemnations and immediately commit to concrete sanctions.

Not doing so is complicity with future crimes.

– France must stop all military-police cooperation with Israel and impose an arms embargo.

– It must work immediately for the suspension of the Israel-EU Association Agreement whose terms are violated by Israel.

– The ICC (International Criminal Court) must finish with its preliminary examination for war crimes, which has been going on for almost 3 years, and bring those responsible to this jurisdiction. Each party concerned must do everything in this respect.

– We urge all conscientious people to join the international and non-violent BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) campaign

– The criminal and illegal blockade of Gaza must be broken, we must force Israel to respect international law, including UN resolution 194 on the right of return.