20 April, NYC: Rally for Palestinian Prisoners + the #GreatReturnMarch

Friday, 20 April
5:00 pm
Washington Square Park
New York City
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/432217450559063/

Solidarity with the #GreatReturnMarch, Palestinian prisoners, Palestinian martyrs and Palestinian women.

Since March 30th, Palestinians in Gaza have been protesting for their freedom and the right to return to the lands and homes they were displaced from in 1948. Israel has responded to their peaceful protests with exploding bullets and other weapons of war. Over 35 Palestinian have been killed so far and thousands more have been wounded.

In honor of Palestinian Prisoners Day (which was commemorated throughout Palestine and around the world on April 17), Palestinian martyrs and responding to a call from the Women’s committee of the Great Return March, we will show our solidarity with those putting their lives on the line for their freedom.