21 April, Sydney: Speakout for Palestinian Prisoner Day – Free Ahed and all Prisoners

Saturday, 21 April
12:00 pm
Pitt Street Mall
Sydney, Australia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/593340187667746/

There are currently 6,119 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons; three hundred and fifty-two of these are children. Israeli military courts prosecute 700 children every year, with more than a 99 percent conviction rate. Physical abuse and sexual violence are routinely used to coerce Palestinian prisoners into making confessions.

Ahed Tamimi is one such prisoner, currently facing up to ten years imprisonment for slapping two Israeli soldiers trying to invade her home. She is being particularly targeted because of the role of the Tamimi family in resisting the Israeli settlers’ theft of land and water in their occupied West Bank village.

Since her arrest, Ahed has become the public face of an international campaign to end apartheid Israel’s cruel and barbaric incarceration of Palestinians who resist its occupation, especially children.

When Ahed was brought before an Israeli military court on February 13 for a pre-trial hearing, the judge told the court it “would not be in her interest” to have the media present in the courtroom – an attempt to hide from the world the nefarious character of the Israeli occupation and its military courts.

Come to this speak out to help break the silence, get the word out for upcoming protests, and support Palestinian political prisoners!