27 April, NYC: Rally for Palestinian Right of Return

Friday, 27 April
12:00 pm
Washington Square Park
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/418520531921974/

As Palestinians in Gaza and across protest for their right to return to the homes they have been exiled from for 70 years, the Israeli regime responds with snipers, tanks, drones and tear gas, murdering more than 40 martyrs and injuring over 1500, and Zionists at NYU celebrate 70 years of Israel’s existence as a settler colonial state with the absurd Rave in the Park | 2018.

We refuse to let such a disturbing public celebration of colonialism and apartheid on our campus and in our park go by without a response. Join us in Washington Square Park this Friday and help us show that NYU and New York City stand in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle and demand for the right of return.