28 April, Manchester: Protest Israel’s Massacres in Gaza – Stop Arming Israel!

Saturday, 28 April
12:00 pm
Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester, Britain
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1691123360982081/


Demonstrate and march this Saturday 28th April, 12pm Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Another four Palestinians, including a 14 year old boy Mohammed Ayoub shot in the head, were killed in the Gaza Strip on Friday as the besieged territory entered the fourth week of demonstrations as part of the “Great March of Return”. They go again this Friday, facing the same barrage of exploding bullets, and tear gas, as they demand freedom from Israeli imprisonment and a return to their homes. We will be out in support again this Saturday in Manchester.

Over 39 Palestinians in Gaza have been murdered and 1000s shot and injured since the Great Return March began on 31st March – and still they go out, unarmed to face the Israeli snipers, jeeps, drones and tanks shooting them at the Gaza border. The least we can do is stand with them.

Palestinians have been mobilising for the Great Return March to protest the ongoing occupation and siege of Gaza and despite Israel’s brutal massacre, they have remained resilient and determined to protest their oppressors and plan to march every Friday until 15th May 2018, which marks 70 years since the Al-Nakba – the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Israeli forces have been ruthlessly murdering Palestinian protesters with impunity, and using this as a source of entertainment, with images coming out of Israeli forces treating the massacre as a spectator sport.

We will keep marching in Manchester and continue to oppose all UK companies and organisations complicit in Israel’s massacres of Palestinians. We will stand against those investing in Israeli Arms companies whose profits increase the more bombs are dropped and the more protesters they kill.

Join the emergency protest/ march calling for an end to complicity in Israel’s military regime. We will meet at Manchester Piccadilly gardens at 12pm, and at 1pm will begin the march.

Together, our voices will and must be heard!

#StopArmingIsrael #FreePalestine #BDS #GreatReturnMarch #LandDay

Demonstration called by:
Manchester Palestine Action
Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism
Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
BDS University of Manchester
Manchester Jewish Action for Palestine