7 April, Auckland: March of Return – Gaza

Saturday, 7 April
2:00 pm
Aotea Square
291 Queen St
Auckland, New Zealand
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2054410934839160/

Join us in protest at the massacres currently happening on the Gaza border!

Gazans have gathered peacefully as part of a “Great March of Return” to demand refugees and their descendants be allowed to return to their ancestral homes in Israel. They have been met with bullets and tear gas fired from drones by the Israeli military.

This peaceful protest is expected to continue until 15 May when Palestinians commemorate The Naqba when more then 700,000 people were either forced to flee or were forcefully expelled from their homes in the war surrounding Israel’s creation in 1948.

As Israeli snipers opened fire, it has quickly turned into bloodshed with more then 18 dead and 1400 injured.

The UN secretary general, António Guterres, and the EU’s top diplomat, Federica Mogherini, called for independent inquiries into the bloodshed,
We echo that call!