6 April, Chicago: Urgent Action in Support of Gaza

Friday, 6 April
12:00 pm
Kluczynski Federal Building
230 S Dearborn St
Chicago, IL
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1191132724354941/

Join us as we call on our elected Illinois officials to speak out against the Israeli government killing Palestinian protesters at the #GreatReturnMarch and brutal military blockade lasting over a decade causing immense suffering in Gaza.

Friday, March 30 an estimated 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza took part in the Great Return March. The march was organized by a cross section of civil society, grassroots activists, and political factions in Gaza as part of an effort to both highlight the impacts of the siege and occupation and to re-center the issue of refugee rights.

Israel reacted to this nonviolent protest through a brutal show of force. Israeli snipers opened fire with live ammunition against the protestors and deployed tear gas against them by drones, killing at least 17 Palestinians and injuring more than 1,400, half of which were shot with live ammunition. The Israeli army claimed online on March 30 that, “Nothing was carried out uncontrolled; everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed.”

Take action today to demand accountability.
Call on Illinois US Members of Congress to:
>Condemn the killing of protesters in Gaza
>Work to end the blockade of Gaza
>Urgently address the crisis of Palestinian refugees

Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Senator Durbin: (202) 224-2152
Senator Duckworth: (202) 224-2854

As of Wednesday, April 3, only one US Senator, Sen. Bernie Sanders, has spoken publicly on what Human Rights Watch calls, “a bloody crackdown planned at highest levels of the Israeli government.”

This action is initiated by the Chicago branches of the American Friends Service Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Middle East Task Force of Chicago Presbytery, and the United States Palestinian Community Network. We will gather to share brief remarks, updates from Gaza, mourn and pray for lives lost before a delegation will meet with IL Senate offices.