7 April, Copenhagen: Boykot Israel on the streets at Norreport

Saturday, 7 April
1:00 pm
Norreport station
Norre Voldgade
Copenhagen, Denmark
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1960866520895097/

Boykot Israel DK takes the streets Saturday 7 April at Norreport in Copenhagen. We will bring orange Boycott Israel banners, flyers and stickers and proceed to nearby supermarkets to urge customers to boycott all Israeli goods so long as occupation and apartheid persist. After Israel’s massacre in Gaza where the occupation military fired on protesters, killing at least 17 Palestinians and injuring 1400, the boycott of Israel is very important!

Boycott Israel!
Stop Israel’s Massacres!
Free Palestine!

Organizer: Boykot Israel Kampagnen