1-2 June, Vienna: Freedom Winds – Kite Making Workshop and Demonstration

Friday, 1 June
2:30 pm
OKAZ- Austrian Arab Cultural Center
Gusshausstrasse 14/3
Vienna, Austria

Saturday, 2 June
3:00 pm
Danube Island
UN Building
Vienna, Austria
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/240805489822444/

In commemoration of the Nakba, we send our kites as flags in the skies of Vienna

As with other countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, kite-flying is a popular activity in Palestine. Displaced, imprisoned, their dreams suppressed, the Palestinian youth in the refugee camps developed a passion for kite-making to express their dreams and creativity. This is an early bloom of rebellion against an unjust reality that eventually became a form of political protest. In the spring and the fall, the refugee camps are characterized by the intensity and variety of the colors of the kites.

In besieged Gaza, kite-flying is a protest method of choice against the siege and repeated Israeli aggression Already in June 2009, Gaza recorded a world record of 3000 kites in a single action. Today, Palestinians in Gaza protest daily at the colonial fence while Israeli soldiers, themselves at a safe distance, open fire with live ammunition on the crowds. Over 112 Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured. Against this background, the kite evolved from a simple method of protest to a method of fighting. Palestinian youths have loaded kites with fire and land them beyond the fence. The creativity of a besieged people with hardly anything to lose knows no limit.

While official Austria celebrates 70 years of the state of Israel, we commemorate 70 years of the Nakba with the Palestinian people. We remember 70 years of expulsion, massacres, state terror, war crimes, sieges, imprisonment, torture, repression, racism, apartheid and more, reflected in the concept of settler colonialism.

On the occasion of 70 years of Nakba, we stand with the Palestinians in the occupied homeland and in the diaspora. On Friday, 1 June, the OKAZ will hold a kite-making workshop for children and adults. At 3 pm on Saturday, 2 June, the kites will fly on the Danube Island in front of the UN Building. Freedom for Palestine!