15 May, London: Nakba Candlelight Vigil 1948-2018

Tuesday, 15 May
6:00 pm
Parliament Square
London, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2010706075861059/

Nakba Candlelight Vigil: 1948-2018

Westminster Students for Palestine Society will be hosting a Nakba Candlelight Vigil to remember all Palestinians lives lost in Nakba, and remembering every massacre of Palestinians that took place to create Israel.

We will provide candles, light, more information on these massacres, and the devastation that still persists in Palestine 70 years later.

The British Government and British Royal Family have publicly voiced support and admiration for Israel’s “70th anniversary of its independence day”, which Palestinians only know as Nakba day – the day of catastrophe. We will not accept this rewriting of history, which has erased the real history of how Israel, a settler colony, was created.