17 May, Pensacola: Pensacola Stands for Palestine!

Thursday, 17 May
4:30 pm
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Plaza
N Palafox St
Pensacola, FL
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/465183877249751/

The world has watched as Palestine has endured 70 years of occupation, violence, and genocide. Palestinian people are denied the right to return to their lands and are forced to live as refugees in what amounts to an open air prison, unable to access reliable electricity or even clean drinking water. Meanwhile, Israeli occupiers steal more and more Palestinian land, and meet protests with brutality.

Over the past several weeks, Israeli violence towards the Palestinian people has once again escalated as the Palestinian people participate in the Great March of Return, calling for an end to the brutal occupation. Israeli snipers are firing live ammunition into crowds, slaughtering innocent Palestinians with impunity. Nonviolent protesters, medics, journalists, and children, including an 8-month-old baby have all been murdered by occupying IDF forces in the past week alone.

Join us in solidarity as we stand with the people of Palestine against Israeli occupation and genocide. We will meet Thursday at 4:30 PM at Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial plaza in downtown Pensacola.