18 May, Chicago: Jan Schakowsky – Justice for Palestinian Protesters

Friday, 18 May
4:00 pm
Jan Schakowsky’s Office
5533 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/598688643835423/

Over 87 unarmed Palestinians have now been shot dead while protesting as part of the #GreatReturnMarch in Gaza. As Israel’s closest ally and major military funder, the US has immense power to pressure Israel to stop the killing, and to hold Israel accountable.

Rep Jan Schakowsky has already, as a result of our phone calls, meetings and vigils, issued a call to the IDF to stop targeting unarmed protesters. Since they have clearly not stopped, she needs to back that statement up and be a leader in calling for an investigation, both of the shootings and also of possible US funding of the units involved, which would be illegal under the Leahy Laws.

Rep Schakowsky needs to see and hear that the slaughter of Gazans is of urgent concern to her constituents. Join us in picketing outside Rep Schakowsky’s Chicago office, as we call on her to take meaningful action.