27 May, Donegal: Vigil for 109 Palestinians Murdered by Israel

Sunday, 27 May
12:00 pm
Station Roundabout, Letterkenny
County Donegal, Ireland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/207259040069519/

The death count now stands at 109 people and it is thought to continue to rise over the next few days as there are many still critically injured….these 109 people were protesting for their human rights, shot by snipers, no threat to anyone.

The Great Return March was a peaceful non violent demonstration telling the whole world that the Palestinians have been suffering for almost 70 years and their lives have been awful since.

It is with a heavy heart that we organise this vigil, the response from the media has been disgraceful, the international community and our leaders has not been much better.

So we the ordinary people of Donegal stand with the Palestinian people ..we only wish we could do more.

As always we are asking all Irish elected representatives to act for the Palestinian people and to carry out the following actions. .Though as you have seen their response has been pitiful.

1 . Officially recognize the state of Palestine.

2. Impose economic sanctions on Israel.

3 End all diplomatic ties with the apartheid state.

Israel will continue showing flagrant disregard for international law and commit war crimes with impunity until Ireland and the International community hold them to account.