27 May, Manchester: Nakba70 Film Festival – Celebrating Palestinian resistance

Sunday, 27 May
2:00 pm
Dulcimer Bar
567 Wilbraham Road
Manchester, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/166852940662754/

70 years after the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in the Nakba, Manchester Boycott Israel Group – Victory to Palestine! presents an afternoon of classic films dedicated to supporting the existence and resistance of the Palestinian people. For all of its weaponry, political power and imperialist backing, Israel has failed in erasing the spirit of resistance of those it has occupied and expelled. Join us in learning of this history and ongoing fight for justice through four classic films:

– The Great Book Robbery (2012) – made by pro-Palestinian filmmaker Benny Brunner, this documentary shows the intellectual and cultural theft that took place during and after the Nakba, and shows what happens when a Palestinian refugee attempts to return to her home. (48 mins)

– The Palestinians (1975) – Starting from the theoretical legitimacy of the Zionist project, its colonial implementation and, most crucially, economically opportunistic backing, the director delivers a nuanced account of the complexities surrounding the ‘Palestinian issue’, touching most vitally on the global interests and fluxes of oil, in whose name one people is displaced and persecuted while another is hypocritically ‘defended’. (44 mins)

– “A conversation between the sword and the neck” – a short film featuring Palestinian novellist and revolutionary Ghassan Kanafani, discussing the prospects for peace and freedom. (15 mins)

– Palestine is Still the Issue (2002) – John Pilger’s classic, filmed amidst the resistance and violent repression of the second intifada. A reminder that, despite everything, the Palestinian people refuse to submit. (54 mins)

£6 donation on the door. Funds go towards supporting the FRFI funddrive and action in solidarity with Palestine