8 June, Minneapolis/St. Paul: International Days of Protest for Palestine!!

Friday June 8
5-6 PM
Summit and Snelling Aves (weekly Friday vigil; note time change)
St. Paul, MN
Participants in Gaza’s Great March of Return on the eighth Friday of the demonstration.
Gaza Palestinians plan for mass protests to end the blockade and occupation; call for supporters around the world to mobilize in solidarity. “As a nation under occupation, siege and apartheid rule, we need your help to end this oppression, including the blockade of Gaza imposed 12 years ago,”

The National Committee for the Return and Breaking-the-Siege Marches has issued an international call for solidarity events worldwide on June 8 to demand an end to Israel’s oppression and occupation of Palestinian people,to push for a ban on the supply of weapons to Israel and to support the public boycott of Israeli products.

Protests marking two historic dates are planned along Israel’s massive “security fence” in Gaza June 5 and 8. June 5 is the 51st commemoration of the Israeli invasion and occupation of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem and on June 7 of the same year, Israel seized control over Jerusalem’s Old City. The committee of Palestinians coordinating the ongoing, mass protests in the Gaza Strip are calling on human rights advocates around the world to mobilize June 5 and 8 in solidarity. 

The largest protest in Gaza (as well as in the West Bank) is planned for June 8, since that is a Friday. It also marks the 51st anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in international waters off the Gaza Strip. The intelligence ship was well-marked as an American vessel and only lightly armed. This particular anniversary is ironic, since the Israeli navy just attacked and seized a Palestinian vessel called the Liberty when it attempted to sail out of the Gaza harbor May 29.
#End the Occupation #End the Siege  #No U.S. Aid to Israel
Initiated by WAMM . Endorsed by AntiWar Committee; CAIRMn