Palestinian women prisoners: Suzan Owawi faces harsh interrogations, serious health deterioration

Suzan Owawi, Photo: Asra Media

Palestinian prisoner Suzan Owawi, 40, a member of the al-Khalil municipal council, is suffering from serious deterioration of her health after being subjected to harsh, lengthy interrogations in the Ashkelon detention center, noted Palestinian lawyer Firas al-Sabbah.

She told the lawyer that she has been under interrogation in an attempt to extract a confession from her. During this time, she has begun to suffer severe kidney pain. She noted that, prior to her arrest, she had been undergoing medical tests and was diagnosed with kidney issues that require follow-up. She has been prevented from pursuing medical treatment due to her arrest by Israeli occupation forces. She has been jailed since 5 June, when she was seized by occupation forces, and had been denied access to a lawyer until 22 June.

Safa Abu Hussein. Photo: Asra Media

The detention of Safa Akram Abu Hussein, 38, from al-Fuwwar refugee camp south of al-Khalil, was extended until Monday, 25 June by Israeli occupation forces. She was denied access to her lawyer after being seized from her home on 18 June. Her husband, Said, is also jailed by Israel.

Alaa Fuqaha. Photo: Asra Media

In addition, Alaa Fuqaha, 25, is also jailed by the Israeli occupation since she was seized by occupation forces on 30 May from her family home in the village of Kafr el-Lubad east of Tulkarem. Her detention has been repeatedly extended four times. Her father, Hatem Fuqaha, said that “my family was the target of the largest forces of the occupation army and the intelligence services…enough to storm an entire city.” Speaking about his daughter, he said, “When I see my daughter shackled, in a prison uniform, my chest trembles, but her morale rises to the sky within the court.”

For the 11th time, the Ofer military court continued the trial of Areej Houshieh, 19, from Qatneh village, until 11 July. She has been imprisoned since 28 December 2017 and her case has been extended repeatedly.

There are approximately 54 Palestinian women jailed by the Israeli occupation, including Palestinian leader Khalida Jarrar, imprisoned without charge or trial under administrative detention,  and six minor girls, including Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old anti-colonial land defense activist from Nabi Saleh targeted for slapping an Israeli soldier on her land.