11-12 August, Albuquerque: Third Annual Native Liberation Conference

Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12
Health Leadership High School
1900 Randolph Road SE
Albuquerque, NM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/208524013120165/

We live in difficult times. Settlers have committed atrocities against poor and colonized people across the world. But people have fought back not only in response to a global authoritarian turn, but also to build a better world, a world in which many worlds fit. From the inner cities to rural Indian reservations, from Palestine to Turtle Island, our struggles are interwoven. We are not free unless all our relatives are free!

This year’s Native Liberation Conference focuses on global solidarity and decolonization in the heart of empire, bringing together Native, Black, undocumented, and Palestinian organizers. In this time of terrible danger, we must work together to build a better world — the future of the planet is at stake!

Speakers and agenda TBA.

Workshops will focus on:

Protecting the Greater Chaco Landscape
Indigenous Youth Organizing
Palestine Freedom
Black Liberation
No Ban On Stolen Land
The Pueblo Revolt and the Entrada
Police Violence
Indigenous Queer Feminism
Indigenous Peoples and the Left
Decolonizing Sexuality
And More!

This is an all-ages event open to the public, and no admission fee or registration is required.

The Red Nation is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to the liberation of Indigenous life and land. We rely entirely on volunteer support and donations. If you are able to donate to the event, please do so here: https://therednation.org/support/. Everything counts! Thank you.