28 July, Manchester: Protest the Killings in Gaza. End All Links to Israeli Apartheid

Saturday, 28 July
1:00 pm
Piccadilly Gardens
Manchester, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/520736121693981/

Israel has just officially announced themselves as an apartheid regime, downgrading and degrading the status of the Palestinians. In the last 3 months, the Israeli Army has massacred over 140 Palestinians who were protesting in Gaza.

As they still march, still stand against the bullets, don’t turn your back on Gaza now. Stand with Gaza and against all UK complicity with these Crimes on the Manchester Streets this Saturday 1pm starting in Piccadilly Gardens.

During the Great Return March in Gaza Israeli snipers have shot and injured thousands of protesters with live ammunition. They have killed clearly-marked journalists like Yaser Murtaja and Medics in Lab coats trying to help the wounded like 21 year old Razan Al Najjar. They’ve killed 25 children during the protests and 3 children in 2 days this week. 15 year old Othman Rami Hilles was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers who fired live bullets at a peaceful protest along the fence in Gaza and a day later best friends Amir al-Nimra who was 15 years old, and Louay Kuhail, who was 16 years old, were bombed while playing on the roof of their house. On Friday Israeli jets and drones devastated Gaza with a mass bombardment not seen since the bombing of Gaza 4 years ago that murdered 2200 people – over 500 children lost their lives in 50 days. The Israeli Regime is threatening an all out attack on Gaza and we in Manchester will stand in the way and we will stand against companies on UK high Streets who are profiting from Israel’s mass murder and imprisonment of the Palestinians. Join us at Piccadilly Gardens at 1pm this Saturday.