7 July, Oldham: Demonstration against Israeli Arms Factory

Saturday, 7 July
12:00 pm
Spindles Shopping Centre
Oldham, UK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/666927116986604/

MEETING: Outside Spindles Shopping Centre, (Market Place) Oldham at 12pm

Oldham Ferranti Technologies is owned and run by Israel’s largest arms dealer: Elbit Systems.

Elbit products are tested and used by the Israeli army to suppress, injure and kill Palestinians, used to enforce the siege of Gaza and the illegal occupation of the West Bank, are licensed for export by the UK government and have been used by Israel to commit massacres in Gaza and violations of international law.

This demonstration falls on the 4th year since Israel’s massacre on Gaza in 2014, when 2200 Palestinians, including over 500 children were murdered. Over the past few months, the Israeli army have shot thousands of protesters in Gaza with live ammunition including press, medics and many children. They have killed over 120. Amnesty International have called for an international arms Embargo with Israel. Gaza a population that is mostly children, under Israeli siege and suffering 3 major bombing campaigns in the last ten years, under Israeli military occupation for 50 years and according to the UN will be in a state that is “unliveable” with only 5 percent of water fit to drink and denied electricity by the Israeli authorities for 21 hours each day.

Stand with the Palestinian people and join the demonstration against Oldham’s Israeli arms factory.

#StopArmingIsrael #ShutElbitDown