Video: Palestinian and Arab youth demand freedom for Georges Abdallah

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network in occupied Palestine created a video, gathering together the greetings and salutes of Palestinian and Arab youth in support of imprisoned Lebanese Communist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah.

Georges Abdallah began his 35th year in French prison on 24 October 2018; despite being eligible for release since 1999, he has been denied release repeatedly by the French state, in accordance with repeated pressure by the U.S. State Department. The video was released as part of the international week of action for Georges Abdallah’s freedom.

Participants in the video came from Yafa, Birzeit, Dheisheh, Yarmouk, Haifa and Saida, reflecting the unity of Palestinian strugglers standing with Georges Abdallah.

Bir Zeit University students also released a new song highlighting the case of Georges Abdallah, with the following lyrics:

“Georges, our salutes
You’re still present in us, your comrades
Your shipmast has never bowed
You are the mountains, and you are the wind
You are the struggle, and you are the weapon
You remain the voice of revolutionaries.”

Lyrics: Adham Karajeh
Composition: Yazan Yaqoub, Dua’a al-Omari
Singing: Shadi Warasneh, Oubada Darwish
Rhythm: Hussein Rimawi
Qanun: Ezzedine Said
Oud: Yazan Yaqoub
Video: Ismail Sharafa

The students at Birzeit also engaged in a poster campaign throughout the university and organized a lecture with the cultural committee of the Faculty of Arts, featuring Dr. Ahmed Qatamesh and Ismat Mansour, moderated by Waseem Abu Farha on Thursday, 25 October.

Poster slogans:

“But the salutes of steadfastness that come from behind bars always reach the strugglers.” – Georges Abdallah

“Inside prison, the highest peak of struggle is to continue to insist on asking questions.” – Walid Daqqa

“Palestine will surely be victorious, because of the steadfastness of its prisoners and the struggle of its people.” – Georges Abdallah