25 June, London: Protest Bahrain “Deal of the Century” conference – Palestine is not for sale!

Tuesday, 25 June
3:00 pm
Bahrain Embassy in London
30 Belgrave Square
London, UK
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/events/352972865401975/

The first phase of the plan, hatched by Israel and Trump, to end any future Palestinian freedom will be tabled this week in Bahrain, hosted by the Khalifa dictatorship and supported by fellow servile Arab dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Inminds chair Abbas Ali said “The plan is to, on the one hand, try to squeeze the Palestinian people into submission, with the ongoing slow genocide in Gaza and enforced hardships in the West Bank; with the cutting of all funding to UNRWA; denying the Palestinians the right to their capital Al Quds; legitimizing the theft of the Syrian Golan Heights and giving the green light to similarly annexing the West Bank to Israel with the threat of ethnically cleaning its Palestinian population first. And then on the other hand, to offer bribes, paid for by MBS and MBZ, to the corrupt PA leadership to accept the deal, selling Jerusalem to the Zionists, and denying the Palestinian people their homeland. The deal stinks so bad that even the normally purchasable PA has rejected it. So without even a token Palestinian presence, the conference aims to determine the future of Palestine. Please join us to condemn this farce, and those participating, and hosting it. Our message is simple – Palestine is not for sale!”