10 December, Vancouver: Defend the Defenders! Defend Human Rights!

Tuesday, 10 December
5:30 pm
Commercial-Broadway Skytrain
Vancouver, BC
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2549509241793757/

On the International Day for Human Rights, link arms with local organizers and send messages of solidarity to human rights defenders on the front lines of struggle from Turtle Island to the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Palestine, Chile, Bolivia, Kashmir, India, Mexico, and beyond there is an inspiring upsurge of people’s struggles! But human rights defenders pay the price of reg-tagging, criminalization, and far too often their lives.

Here on Turtle Island the war on drugs, attacks against poor people, and ongoing colonial land theft continue to take a grave toll on communities, while those who dare speak out and resist face state repression and violence.