Join the Twitterstorm to #FreeGeorgesAbdallah on Friday, 10 April

Join the Twitter Storm to free Georges Abdallah on Friday, 10 April! 9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern/6 pm Europe/7 pm Palestine and Lebanon.

Use the hashtag #FreeGeorgesAbdallah and tag @NBelloubet @EmmanuelMacron and @General_Aoun

Express your solidarity with Georges Abdallah, Lebanese Arab Communist struggler for Palestine, imprisoned in France for 35 years and call for his immediate release to Lebanon. This demand is especially urgent now as Georges, like other prisoners, faces a severe threat to his life and health due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Twitter Storm was organized by campaign groups and George’s family in Lebanon, and Samidoun encourages all supporters of justice and liberation to participate.

Read the call to action:

All that is prevents the release of freedom fighter George Abdallah is the signature of the French Interior Minister on the order to deport him to Lebanon.

However, for more than twenty years, the French authorities have refused to release him, in particular under pressure from the US administration. The most recent example is the statement by Victoria Nuland, who opposed two judicial decisions taken in favour of George Abdallah’s release in 2013. This statement was preceded by a letter from Hillary Clinton asking the French authorities to overturn the decision of the judiciary for his release.

The French authorities should stop this policy of state vengeance and implement their claimed commitment to a fair judicial system and separation of powers.

The Lebanese state must also exercise its sovereign role towards one of its citizens, whose right to freedom is known to the whole world, and hold the French state responsible for preventing his return to Lebanon.

French call:

Il ne manque à la libération du combattant de la liberté, George Abdallah, que la signature du ministre français de l’Intérieur sur l’arrêté d’expulsion vers le Liban.

Cependant, depuis plus de vingt ans, les autorités françaises refusent de le libérer notamment sous la pression de l’administration états-unienne. La plus récente est la déclaration de Victoria Nuland qui s’est opposée à deux décisions judiciaires prises en faveur de la libération de George Abdallah en 2013. Cette déclaration a été précédée par une lettre d’Hillary Clinton demandant aux autorités françaises de casser leur décision juridique.

Les autorités françaises devraient cesser la vengeance d’État et mettre en œuvre leurs allégations de séparation des pouvoirs.

L’État libanais doit également exercer son rôle souverain envers un de ses citoyens, dont le monde entier connait son droit à la liberté, et tenir l’État français pour responsable de l’empêchement de son retour au Liban.