15 February, Online Event: Resistance Through Art with Sada and Visualizing Palestine

Monday, 15 February
9 am Pacific/12 pm Eastern/6 pm Berlin-Amsterdam/7 pm Palestine
Join on Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87437048622
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1890435324441202

Resistance through Art

Studenten voor Rechtvaardigheid voor Palestina (SRP) and Samidoun Germany are happy to announce the second event of the two-part webinar titled “Resistance through Art – communicating the struggle”.
This second event will be diving deeper into how art shapes the Palestinian identity, its importance in portraying the struggle and reality of Palestinian life, and how it’s used to popularize the cause and allow it to reach an international audience.

The second event will take place on 15.02.2020 at 7pm Palestine time / 6pm Berlin time. Join us on zoom:

The event will be held in Arabic and English with interpretation for both languages available.

About the events:

When the forces of Zionist colonialism seek to erase the Palestinian identity, Palestinian art has proven vital to fighting these failed attempts. Was it through our paintings, novels, Dabka, embroidery, poems, songs, or sculptures, Palestinian art has been essential in shaping and maintaining the Palestinian identity. It has also played a major role in portraying the daily Palestinian struggle, resilience, and resistance. Through powerful symbolism, the depiction of Palestinian heroism and tragedies or the use of unmistakably Palestinian themes, our artists are on the frontlines of the cultural battle for the Palestinian identity.

We will explore the unbreakable link between Palestinian art and the struggle against the occupation. For that, two webinars will be held handling topics like: why is the occupation afraid of artists? How are Palestinian writers articulating our struggle? Why are Palestinian artists often thrown in jails? What is prisons art? How do artists help educate the world about Palestinian experiences and realities? How can art give a voice to the voiceless and portray issues we find hard to put into word? All of that, and more, will be discussed by our amazing speakers.

About the speakers:

In our second webinar, we will feature speakers from Visualizing Palestine and Sada movement. Visualizing Palestine is a non-profit organization that combines data science and technology with design to pass down information about the Palestinian struggle to the public. Their research backed work has been used by international organizations to explain the complex network of repressive systems used by the occupation against Palestinians. Sada Movement, on the other hand, is a youth organization of Palestinian artists based in Jerusalem. Their collection of paintings, sculptures and art installations are exhibited in multiple galleries and shed the light on obscure and hard to explain Palestinian struggles and feelings.

About SRP and Samidoun:

SRP is a student collective with the aim of an academic boycott against Israel. In addition, SRP seeks to educate students and youth about Palestine and build strong ties with other activist movements for the Palestinian cause.

Samidoun Gremany is the newly created chapter of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network. It works to raise awareness and provide resources about Palestinian political prisoners, their conditions, their demands, and their work to free themselves, their fellow prisoners, and their homeland. Its focus stretches to also include the intersections between the prisoners movement, the feminist movement, and the students’ movement.

We hope to see you there, and join us in a discussion about art and resistance!