Send your message today: Communicating despite the jailer – Letters to our prisoners in occupation’s jails

“Our prison was at the end of the citadel behind the ramparts. Looking through the crevices between the palisade in the hope of seeing something, one sees nothing but a little corner of the sky, and a high earthwork, covered with the long grass of the steppe. Night and day sentries walk to and fro upon it. Then one perceives from the first, that whole years will pass during which one will see by the same crevices between the palisades, upon the same earthwork, always the same sentinels and the same little corner of the sky, not just above the prison, but far and far away.” – The House of the Dead, F.M. Dostoyevsky.

There are nearly 4,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails today — subjected to a colonial system of imprisonment that aims to isolate them from their families, communities, people and movements. Nevertheless, Palestinian prisoners continue to resist, organize and lead the liberation movement. Messages of support and solidarity help to break down the bars and walls of isolation imposed by the occupation and make it clear that the prisoners are not forgotten, but are actually in the heart of struggle. Join us to send your letters of solidarity to Palestinian prisoners.

These messages can transcend all oppression and isolation our heroic prisoners are subjected to in Zionist prisons, and can bring that faraway free blue sky closer to them, overwhelming the one above the prison, reminding them that the Palestinian people, the Arab people and all progressive and democratic forces in the world have not and will not forget their sacrifices.

Join us in this initiative launched by Samidoun Network in the week of action for Palestinian prisoners works to convey our voice and support for our brave prisoners. Join us in writing a letter for all prisoners or for any particular prisoner in occupied Palestine. Samidoun Network in Occupied Palestine will deliver all messages via radio for our prisoners to hear.

Let us affirm to our prisoners that their freedom rests on our shoulders, for they are the ones who inspire us with their steadfastness and pave the way for freedom and return.

Click here to send your message to Palestinian prisoners! (Let us know whether we can also publish it on our website, and whether it is for a particular prisoner or all detainees.)